Buy Winter Nymphing Pack and Small Fly Box in NZ.

Winter Nymphing Pack and Small Fly Box

This 24 fly pack is designed for winter nymphing in places like the Tongariro River. The method is simple and very effective when you get it right. At some distance below a strike indicator you will have a weighted nymph. That weighted nymph will ideally drift just above the bottom of the river where the trout are lying. Attached to the weighted nymph you will have another nymph or a glo bug. Both are likely to hook the fish. You get the flies in front of a trout and they will be eaten.  Tip: get some removable lead split shot or line wraps when extreme weight is needed.  Note the photo is not the same as the selection below.

The first twelve flies are weighted and they include: 

Three epoxy bombs size 8, 10 and 12,

Five bead head Hare and Copper nymphs that are further weighted with lead size 8 to 16, 

One bead head Prince nymph size 12, 

One bead head Half Back size 10, and 

Two bead head Pheasant Tail nymphs size 10 and 12. 

The second twelve flies represent natural insects and trout eggs and they include: 

Three Hare and Copper nymphs size 12 to 16, 

Four Pheasant Tail nymphs size 10 to 16, 

One Champagne Glo Bug with red dot size 12, 

One Orange Glo Bug with red dot size 12,

One egg sack pink glo bug size 12,

One egg sack orange glo bug size 12, and 

One Green Stone Fly Nymph size 12. 

See "small fly box" for the box that comes with this pack.








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