Buy Jigging Pack and Large Fly Box in NZ.

Jigging Pack and Large Fly Box


This is for the 12 epoxy-eyed jigging flies shown in the photo.  They cover a range of the most popular patterns.  
The flies are listed in the order they appear:
Taupo Tiger Smelt size 8,
Mrs Simpson Smelt size 6,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Red Setter Smelt size 8,
Pearl and White Smelt size 8,
Parson's Glory Smelt size 8,
Grant's Jigging Smelt size 8,
Yellow Lady Smelt size 8,
Silver Dorothy Smelt size 10,
Grey Rabbit Smelt size 8,
Grey Ghost Smelt size 6,
Ginger Mick Smelt size 6, and
Krystal Olive Smelt size 6.

See "large fly box" for the box that comes with this pack.
The general idea is to use a rig with three flies and a 1/2 to 1 ounce weight at the bottom..   Fly size depends on the body of water you are fishing but most tend towards using smaller flies for jigging.  This pack gives you twelve different flies to try out and find what works best for you.  
These same flies are perfect for river fishing and fly casting too.  The larger size 4 jigging smelt are also great for harling/trolling (see Epoxy-Eyed Jigging Smelt).  Note the Grant's Smelt may or may not have epoxy eyes.

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