Buy Fly Pack by Trousertrout and Large Fly Box in NZ.

Fly Pack by Trousertrout and Large Fly Box

This, in our opinion, is the best possible general mix of trout flies you can have for New Zealand. If you are looking for a gift for a keen fly fisho then this is it. Make sure you encourage them to bring you back a smoked trout! 

You will get the following 24 wet, nymph, dry and streamer flies:

Invicta (wee wet) #14 
Bead Head Prince nymph #12
Prince nymph #16
Bead Head Hares Ear nymph #14
Hares Ear nymph #12
Bead Head Pheasant Tail nymph #10
Pheasant Tail nymph #14 
Bead Head Copper John nymph #14
Copper John nymph #14 
Pink Glo Bug #12
Parachute Caddis dry #14 
Elk Hair Caddis dry #12 
Royal Wulff dry #10 
Parachute Adams dry #12
Dad's Favourite dry #14
Deer Hair Cicada dry #8 
Rubber-legged Stimulator dry #12 
Green Stonefly nymph #12
Caddis pupa nymph #14 
Hare n Copper nymph #14 
Adams dry #12 
Adams Irresistible dry #12
BH Woolly Bugger #8 
Grey Ghost streamer #10 

We reckon this is the perfect general mix of flies for anyone.  This is a fantastic gift idea for the angler on your list.  Take a kid fishing! If you can't take them then give them a fly rod and some flies and send them out to catch fish.

See "large fly box" for the box that comes with this pack.

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