What You Will Need

Fishing Adventures
Our sun is hot in summer so be warned. Polarized sun glasses and a hat are a must. Be ready for windy, cold and wet conditions with a light all weather jacket; experiencing four seasons in one day is a common occurrence in New Zealand. We provide sunscreen, insect repellent, lunch and beverages for your day. If you have any requirements or requests, let us know ahead of time if possible.

You will need a fishing licence - click here to order your licence.

Wading is not required in most places we fish, so a pair of gumboots (rubber boots) are all you need in the most extreme of conditions. Wet wading is appropriate for most of the season from December to March. Remember, you are fishing from the canoe a lot of the time.

We can provide all equipment necessary but it is always good to bring your rod if you can. A 6 weight, 9 foot rod for the rivers and 6 to 8 weight rod for the lakes will cover everything. Bring your four weight rod if you like the challenge. Six pound fluorocarbon is generally what we use across the board. Any general spinning rod you like to use will work here. Unless you are skilled with a fly rod, it pays to have a spinning outfit while travelling down river.

We provide flies and tips on methods but come with your secret weapons and techniques! The best nymphs are Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears and Hare n Copper in sizes 10 to 16. Standard dries like Elk Hair Caddis and Adams cover most situations and terrestrials like Cicadas are very useful in summer.

A Woolly Bugger is a fly that will catch trout any where and any time in the North Island of New Zealand.




You should bring (if you can):

- Polarized glasses

- A wide brimmed hat

- An all-weather jacket

- A fishing licence

- Your spinning rod if you have one

- Gumboots or water shoes

- Your 6-8 weight rod (4 if you like a challenge)

If you are travelling without anything on the list above, we can provide any or all of the items.

We Provide:

- Lunch and drinks

- A rod if you do not have one

- All the files you will need for your day

- Sunblock and insect repellent

- A CD of photos and movies from your day

- We can even smoke your fish for you.

- Accommodation can be provided for a small extra fee.

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