The "Fish 'til You Drop" day

Imagine sitting in the front of a Canadian canoe being guided expertly down the Rangitaiki River. You are casting to tight spots behind willow branches, targeting every spot you can reach. I'll call your targets.

Big browns and rainbows that rarely see other flies are waiting to strike. You have to be quick and accurate as the river is really moving. Then we stop at one of our known sight fishing spots to cast to cruising trout. We could stay at this spot all day but there are 100 more like it along this 20 km stretch we are floating today.

The great thing is that you will have it all to yourself. Twelve hours, or more of fishing with a fly or spinner (or a combo of both).


The "8 Hours of Trout" day

Start early or finish late. You choose between lake and or river; you choose fly or spinner; it is your day and you are in control of it. We will take you to where the fish are and we guarantee you will catch fish.

We will provide transfers, lunch and at the end of the day we will give you a CD of photographs and movies of your fishing adventure. We aim to make it the best fishing experience of your life to date.

Come and have an adventure with us and we promise you will want to come back for more.

Small Game Hunting

The Eastern Bay of Plenty is known for its prolific small game hunting opportunities. We offer hunting for:

- Turkey
- Peafowl
- Rabbit
- Possum
- Hare
- Goat

Our small game hunting is limited to two hunters per trip. Trophy peacocks and Tom Tukeys will attract an additional charge.

We have guides available to us for wild deer and pig hunting too. Please enquire for rates.

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Base Price

$600.00 per day

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Base Price

$500.00 per day

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Base Price

$375 for 4 hours




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